Best Places To Visit During The Long Weekends, 2021

Best places to visit during the long weekends, 2019 – The most sought after destinations for the coming long weekends of 2019:

Best Places To Visit

Camberwell, England

Camberwell is a district of South London, England and is located 2.7 miles South East of Charing Cross. If London Street food and live concerts with lots of fun and activities sound the right for a long weekend then Camberwell Green is the place you should visit during the last week of August 2019.

Camberwell Fair

This ancient fair at Camberwell was started in the year 1279. It was held every year till 1855 but was banned by the local authorities on grounds of working-class debauchery. The fair was resurrected in the year 2015. And this year promises to be a treat for the music and food lovers.

So beat Camberwell Green on the 31st of August, 2019 Timings: 12 PM -9 PM

Price: Free.


The last week of September will mark the beginning of the biggest, brightest, loudest and the craziest street party of Barcelona. If colors, music, and fireworks attract you and you love colorful and loud crowds and have no problems being encountered by paper giants than this is a festival you shouldn’t miss.

Fiestas de la Merced, Barcelona

This week-long festival is the biggest and the most colorful festival of the city of Barcelona. The festival is organized to mark the Roman Catholic feast day of Our Lady Mercy. Which falls on the 24th of September, every year. The celebrations leading to the main event begins well in advance at least three to four days prior to the day of the feast.

The festivals have many attractions; the fire race- where participants race with accompanying fire sparklers to ward of the evil giants, the great fireworks by the river orchestrated with music and water fountains, grand marches, to name a few.

So if you want to be a part of this colorful extravaganza be sure to be in the streets of Barcelona. Dates: 21st September 2019 to 24th September 2019

Timings: Party begins at 10.15 pm, 21st September 2019. Price: No entry fee.


If fast cars, the smell of the burning tires, steep turns and the buzz of the great engines make your heart beat faster, here is the perfect gateway for you during the long weekend of the last week of September 2019.

The Singapore Grand Prix

The most popular track for the spectators. The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the major attractions for all the racing enthusiasts. The track notoriously famous for sharp turns and unpredictable weather is one of the slowest in the Grand Prix. If the racetrack doesn’t attract you, the glitz and glamour off track will surely make the weekend memorable. The crazy after parties will surely make your adrenaline rush, for these parties as the race is steaming hot.

The other major attractions to this year Grand Prix are the live performances by some of the greatest bands and musicians of today. These performances alone make the event a must go.

The race day is on 22nd September 2019.

Entry fee for the entire weekend: £380


( Please check the local listings for more information and fees)

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