Why Paris is the Best Tourist Destination in the World



France is a popular tourist destination where around 90 million tourists are visiting it every year. The most famous city in the country is Paris, with several attractions. The tourists flock to this country every year for those attractions.

But do you know why so many people gather in Paris every year? The main reason for this is some famous places. We will try to detail those places in this article. So let’s get started.


Eiffel Tower


Paris is referred to as the City of Lights. Do you know why? There are two reasons behind this. One is that it led Europe to the era of illumination, and the other is that it is one of the cities in Europe that has played a leading role in the use of gas to illuminate the streets.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most talked-about places in Paris. If you think a little about how the Eiffel Tower illuminates the city with golden lights every night, you will indeed be fascinated and amazed.


Tip: If you want to enjoy this 5 minute light show, the best place to learn is from Place du Trocadero.


EuroDisney or Disneyland Paris


Sit motionless because what you are going to know now will surely surprise you. About 15 million visitors visit Paris every year to visit Disneyland. The reason why this place attracts everyone is because of its extraordinary family-friendly nature.

This place is great for everyone, from children to the elderly. Here you will find six hotels where there are several nature resorts for the care of your kid. Enjoy the wonderful nature here and also take pictures to capture the memories.


Tip: Almost 7 million visitors a year visit the Eiffel Tower and 8 million visitors a year at the Louvre to visit Paris.


Le Louvre


A trip to Paris will never be self-fulfilling unless you visit the famous museum there. The French landmark is the largest art museum in the world, with an extensive collection of 380,000 pieces and 35,000 works of art. You can also see Leonardo da Vinci’s 21 × 30 inch painting by Mona Lisa here.

In 2018, it was able to welcome 10.2 million visitors. The number of visitors who come here every day is about 15,000.


Tip: If your tourist guide asks you questions about who creates Louvre’s famous contemporary glass pyramid, answer with confidence that I.M. Pei creates it. He is from Guangzhou, China.

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